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2030-12-27 06:03 pm

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Hello, you've reached the LiveJournal of Sora G. Silverwind, the Queen of Oddities! This LJ is friends-locked, but if you leave a comment after the beep, she may just get back to you and add you to her friends-list. She reserves the right to deny admission for anyone without an explanation, but if you really want to see her pointless ramblings, take a chance and leave a comment! Please include your name, how you know her (if at all), and why you'd like to see her journal.

If you're looking for information on art commissions, click here!

-Sora G. Silverwind
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2013-01-10 05:56 pm

New Year's Cards!

It's over a week into the New Year, which means it's obviously the right time to be asking you guys for addresses so I can spam you with New Year's cards. Post your address in the comments if you want one of my Sora Special Custom-Made Every Year New Year's Cards! Comments are screened so the only creeper you'll get who knows where you live is me.